Ethan Shirley


Ethan is a biologist, EMT, and educator. He has more than a decade of experience coordinating student and volunteer projects in the Pantanal region of Brazil, where he was a Fulbright scholar in 2016. His educational outreach projects have spanned a broad range of areas, including healthcare, sustainable technology, English, and music. He studies life history in extinct elephant relatives through tooth and tusk anatomy; his other research work is in the field of comparative environmental law.

Chris Hannaford

Vice President

Chris works as a school psychologist, is a former special education assistant and is trained as an EMT. He Master's in school psychology from Michigan State University. His research and professional interests are in the field of psychology and education, specifically working in special education. He has taught CPR and first aid in rural areas of Brazil in addition to having experience with music education and construction.

Alex Carney

Communications Director

Alex is a mathematician, educator, and violinist. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of mathematics at the Univerisity of Rochester, and holds a PhD in math from UC Berkeley, and master's degrees in math from the University of Cambridge and in science and technology studies from University College London, where he studied as a Marshall Scholar. Alex has taught math from the introductory level up to mentoring research, and has taught and performed on violin across a variety of genres in the US, Brazil, and Europe.

Julie Batman


Julie is a law student, engineer, and educator. Her interest in education, healthcare, and sustainable technologies began in the Pantanal. Prior to law school, Julie was the director of operations for Vayu, a company developing delivery drones for rural healthcare, and before that an engineer on a solar thermal project that was dubbed a "death ray" for birds. Julie has two more years at Boston College Law School, and is currently focused on understanding the legal challenges facing companies and non-profits in the global health and clean energy sectors.

Seth Buchsbaum


Seth is an environmental lawyer and cellist. He holds a JD and a Master's in environmental policy from the University of Michigan, and is currently working in Washington, DC for the Environmental Protection Agency. He has almost a decade of experience working on environmental issues, particularly those relating to domestic climate change policy, for nonprofits, two administrations, and on the Hill. He has taught music and English in rural areas of Brazil.

Alistair Hayden


Alistair is a geologist and educator working towards a Ph.D. at Caltech. He holds a Master's in geology from Boston University, and has conducted research in remote areas across North America, Europe, and Antarctica. He studied education in Finland on a Fulbright fellowship, co-taught middle school science in Massachusetts, and frequently presents his research to local schools wherever he is at the moment.


Vice President

Greg is a hydrologist and environmental engineer, working towards a Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. His interests are in the water-society nexus, education, climate change, and sustainable development. He holds a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and has more than six years experience working in the Pantanal. Greg has also worked in the Brazilian Amazon, studying the forest's response to climate change.

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